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N2O started with one product with one goal:  creating a system that allowed a business of one to function like a business of 10.  Now, N2O’s goal with every client is to meet the business need, provide hands-on training, and a turn-key system that increases efficiency, transparency, and accountability.

Our clients range from small to mid-size event marketing agencies to national manufacturers to some of the world’s most prominent wholesales and suppliers to the beer, wine & spirits industry.

All N2O platforms are written using the Filemaker Platform, and N2O is a proud member of the Filemaker Business Alliance.  Filemaker, a wholly owned subsidiary of Apple, provides cutting-edge development tools for data and web management.


Brand Builders was a small event marketing agency in the Mid-Atlantic with a burgeoning customer base. 

Problem:  too many customers not enough hours in the day. 

Tracking, reporting, payroll and invoicing became 95% of the day, leaving little time for customer interaction, quality control, and forget personal or family time. 

Enter STiLETTO – a customized database solution, built with the input of the agency, that revolutionized business processes.

Payroll used to take 3 days; now it takes a half hour.  Detailed sales reporting – at the SKU level – is just a few clicks away, whether you want to see a month, a quarter or three years of trending.

STiLETTO provided this agency the tools to streamline billing, improve cashflow, and manage the business.

With the introduction of STiLETTO mobile,  Consumer Educators in the field provide real-time reporting (receipts, photos, and all reporting data) and saved managerial oversight hours amounting to an entire, full-time equivalent salaried position within the first year.  (Yes, over 2,000 hours of sitting in front of a laptop, keying in data.)  Now, managers review data and are focused on quality control.

STiLETTO also generates business. This platform offers suppliers and distributors the best of both world’s local agency know-how with the software of a national powerhouse.

STiLETTO Customer Service

Your customer service experience starts with in-person, hands-on implementation training. (You can come to us, or we can come to you if you want to pay a little extra.) This usually takes two days – not that it’s hard to learn.

STiLETTO is very intuitive, but we spend a lot of time talking about best practices for your industry and how to use STiLETTO’s functions to maximize productivity. A member of our training team is the CEO of mid-sized staffing agency and shares insights of her 20-year career in the beer, wine & spirits industry.

MAGNEM Customer Service

Your customer service experience is two-fold:

Part One:  an in-person demonstration with a distributor sales rep team.  This literally takes 10 minutes, the mobile app login credentials are provided and tested.  We show the six steps to creating an event, and they are up-and-running within minutes.  (We also provided a convenient one-sheeter for their future reference.)

Part Two:  desktop users/management team.  This training includes installation of Filemaker on the desktop and takes less than ½ hour.  Users become familiar with where to find events to approve, how to review/approve, and how to view uploaded deliverables from completed events.  MAGNEM’s desktop app also provides rep activity and the all-important Reorder Report, which is only a few clicks away.

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