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“Stiletto and the team behind it has made managing analyzing and growing our business easier, efficient and ultimately more profitable. It is user friendly and intuitive and works across all of our brands and clients. It has given me the confidence to say yes to any project that comes our way no matter how big!”

— Karyne Bazzano, Managing Partner, Beacon Brand Solutions


The difference between a good company and a great company is simply how you manage your data. With STiLETTO, you will always have a huge library or reporting available at your fingertips. What's more, you don't need to be a computer scientist to get at data that isn't in a built-in report. Want to know how many off-premise events you had at a certain venue that sold more than 12 units? With two clicks, you'll have that information for your client and for your decision making needs.

Monthly Summary Report

This report provides a snapshot of your business with one click. By summarizing your activity over a given month, quarter or year, you’ll know where you stand at any given moment. Full charting also allows you to visualize your data, giving you full power over your decisions.

Client Performance Reports

Your clients want to know what kind of results you are providing for them in the field. STiLETTO provides powerful reporting for each and every client, rolled up in such a way to make reporting a breeze. With the click of a button, your reports can look by client, by brand, by SKU, by venue, or by date…or any combination of these, to provide clear information on the strength of your team’s efforts in the field.

Consumer Educator Performance Reports

Do you want to know who your most effective staff are in their promotional activities? With our reporting, you will see exactly how many units were moved, by what brand, and in what locations. Having this information allows your team to properly staff events based on the qualities of your promotional team, setting them up for success.

Master Schedule

Technically, this IS a report. It’s a report of what’s happening for your busy agency at any given time. How many events do you have on Friday? What time do they start? This report provides a window to what’s coming up for your company, as well as where your team is for getting all of those events staffed with the right people (and what their status is for accepting the assignment)…on one screen!

Event Management

Event Entry – (with/without Magnem)

Getting events into STiLETTO is a breeze. If you choose to key an event manually, the system guides you through what information is required to ensure a quality booking, including preventing account mismatches or brand/client mismatch. If you are connected to the Magnem system, data entry is even easier, as that data is automatically pushed into your platform, ready for you to start scheduling.


With STiLETTO, getting your event from execution to billed is a snap. With built in automation, all aspects of your event are tallying in the background to provide your bookkeeping team with easy to manage information to get those bills out to clients. Once the event is complete, it’s ready to be approved and billed, and with a few clicks, the bill is in the mail!

Sales Report

Because STiLETTO has a mobile application used in the field by consumer educators, you’ll never have to key in the results of a promotion again. All of the sales, prices, and attendance figures are automatically pulled in for analysis. We keep track of sales and feature prices, so your clients can see what pricing strategies work with their products.


Your clients need to know who is sampling and trying their products. With STiLETTO, you can collect that information and pass along valuable consumer metrics to your clients…AND report on it. With 3 sets of demographic data on board, STiLETTO will keep you one step ahead of the competition.


Do you book events that require travel fees or mileage to be assessed? It used to be a headache to keep track of all of that, but not anymore. STiLETTO has built in Travel management to add those extra components to your event billing right in the event itself. If you need to add mileage or a straight travel fee to an event, it’s the click of a button and all of those fees are counted and added in to the final bill.


Knowing who’s available is only half of the battle when it comes to the “puzzle” that is staffing. To get the most out of your team, you need to know who is available, and at what times and in what markets. STiLETTO allows you to book in confidence, keeping a clean inventory of who’s available, as well as providing instant feedback for your scheduling efforts.

Staff Management

Contractor Applications (automated)

Keying in new hire information is tedious and can cause errors. With STiLETTO, all of your contractor applications pour directly into the system. Photos, address and demographic information and more, all without having to lift a finger.

Hiring History

Knowing when your staff is eligible for pay upgrades, or anniversaries of service can be tedious to track and manage. STiLETTO keeps that information all in one place, allowing your team instant access to information about your field team. If you are an agency that bonuses based on longevity, our built-in tools will make it a breeze for you to find and take care of your team.

Work History

STiLETTO keeps a running history for each and every member of your staff. You’ll see the entire history of that contractor on one screen, to check back on their work, connect them to the right promotions, or to answer questions from clients or account managers.



Running payroll used to take 3 days, literally. Counting events for each contractor, running a spreadsheet to tally up their hours and bonuses and travel, and then another column to track what you may have to charge them (licensing, etc). Those days are over with STiLETTO. Payroll now takes 20 seconds and the press of one button. And certainly you can find a better use for those three days, right?


Running your payroll is one thing, but what if you have some team members who are 1099 and some who are W-2 employees? No problem for STiLETTO. With flexible payroll, you can manage all types of compensation models. If you pay monthly, bi-weekly or weekly, STiLETTO can keep you on top of your payroll and keep your team happy.

Capture data in the field

Event reporting on paper is a thing of the past. The modern world demands mobile technology, and STiLETTO is at the front of the line with our mobile app. Contractors can accept contracts, complete events, report on their activities, take photos, and provide comments for all of their contracts in one, easy to use application.

Communicate with clients

Special requests? Special instructions? Special uniforms? No problem. Our mobile app captures and passes that information on directly to the team in the field. Not only that, but the client will get direct comments back from the field about the event, including information on location and placement of the product, attendee counts and reaction, and visuals of what’s happening.

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